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Kit Contents:

​Frontier Filter CR-30
Paracord (20')
Regular Speedhook
Tealight Beeswax Candle (2)
Spyral Camp Wire Saw
Duct Tape
Tinder Quik (10)
Spark Lite Fire Starter
Water Bag 6x9 (2)
Sewing : Safety Pins (5)
                Needles (3)
Derma Safe Knife-Folding Utility Knife        
7 3/8" Tie Wraps (4)
20mm Compass 
First Aid: Band-Aids
                Butterfly Bandages  
                Alcohol Prep Pads         
                Triple Anti-biotic Ointment
24 Gauge Brass Snare Wire (20')

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Our Price: $29.00
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SGP Starter Kit 
Brass Snare Wire- The wire is 24 gauge. It comes in 100' spools. It is packaged with a built in cutter. 

SKU: GEAR 2010
List Price: $5.49
Brass Snare Wire 100 Feet