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Camping Saw
The blade on this saw has a diameter of 0.50" and is 24" long. The blade is made from rust resistant stainless steel suitable for cutting wood and bone.​ Light weight at only 1 ounce.

SKU: GEAR 4001
Our price $5.00

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This unique Spyral blade will cut almost anything.  They can reach into spaces that would be impossible with conventional flat blades. Spyral blades are the versatile blade you will need to get the job done. Cuts (almost) anything--Titanium and Stainless Steel sheet, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Graphite, Advanced Composites, Ceramic Fiber Insulation, Polyurethanes, Plexiglas, Wood, Styrofoam, PVC, ABS, Adhesive Bond Lines, Foams, Bone and Rubber.  
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Military Wire Saw
NSN: 5110-00-570-6896. The United States Military has used this saw for over 30 years. It was originally developed by the USAF for a pilot survival kit. This saw is designed with sturdy steel removable end fittings with heavy duty rings. Every saw is packaged in a kraft envelope and comes with a spare blade.  

SKU: GEAR 4000
Our price $23.95

Special Deal 
Buy 4 Camping Saws and get the 5th absolutely free. No extra shipping charges. 

SKU: GEAR 4001 A
Our price $20.00
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